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Facial Hair, Grooming and the Male Perspective

 The Bearded Dragon

I've always liked men with facial hair. There is something rugged and natural about a man with a beard and kind eyes. Ok... I wasn't always fond of bearded men... but my husband helped me discover my attraction. beard care barbershop beard oil blog beard wax organic mens groomingSuffice it to say I am a fan, and to that extent, I'd like to contribute in some small way to the health and well-being of a good mustache and beard. My husband is a rugged man's man in every way. He would rather dust his hands with saw dust than use a florally scented tube of lotion from my purse. That trend doesn't stop with hands. It's like wrestling a bull to get him to use anything scented or soft on his beard. But I have secretly noticed him comb and groom that magnificent beard and 'stache. (He will hate this blog, let's not tell him about it) Beauty has always been magnified from a female's perspective, while men have been overshadowed for the most part. Over the years there has been a lotion here and cream there but nothing significant. Recently there has been a surge in grooming kits for men, gift sets and branded lines that cater to men and their needs. Maybe it's a change in attitude among men, or maybe the market has realized the untapped potential in the men's skincare and grooming. We've seen nail care places dedicated to men, barbershops with an expanded retail shelf, even the local drug store has a beard and mustache area with more than one brand.

beard care mens facial hair and mens grooming

 I went hunting for the best men's grooming kits and bought quite a few for my husband over the years. Some were good and did the job, but most were not. It’s easy to get confused with all the different beard products you’ll find on store shelves and online. And, to make matters more complicated, no one puts the quintessentially rugged, bearded man as part of a community of fans, excited to buy fancy grooming products. But, if you’re a hardy metro male who likes to wear a beard, while still maintaining a refined feel, then it’s good to know the differences between these products. Being a maker and alchemist, I began to make something that isn't just good but great and something my husband will use consistently because he sees the results he likes that aren't easy to dismiss.

beard oil beard wax mens grooming
I have finally found the perfect combination of beard oil and beard wax that work on short and long beards and mustaches, is nutritive to the hair as well as the skin, is scented for men, so they smell less like a bouquet of flowers and more like themselves.




So, let’s talk about beard stereotypes, and learn about what products are suitable for what beard types.

Beard Oil Love

Beard oil is a conditioner designed to promote the health of your facial hair, keeping it lush and full. The most common base ingredient is jojoba oil, which helps to moisturize and smooth your beard to perfection. When applied, the oil percolates deep into the follicles, providing ample hydration, and even treating the underlying skin. Other oils can be used to add frizz control, more hydration, and shine and for their nutritive qualities.  Essential oils, on the other hand, provide your beard with nourishment and a pleasant scent. Only a very modest drop of beard oil is needed to treat the whole of your beard, so be sure to keep an eye on how much you’re applying. Sweat leaves tiny deposits of salt, minerals, and other impurities on the surface of the skin of your beard, which can stay trapped there if not adequately cleaned. Do you like to swim in the summers maybe a dip or two in a heated pool in the winters? The saltwater and chlorine from swimming pools can also cause beard irritation. Dryness can lead to itchiness and inflammation of the skin.
Keeping your beard clean and hydrated is the best way to avoid an itch fest any time of the year. Especially during the winter months. I have the perfect beard oil for you. The Woodworkers Collection Beard Oil is made to perfectly blend with your hair and skin and provide the hydration it needs.


Waxes are used to sculpt and shape your beard controlling those flyaways, giving our beard that refined and maintained look as opposed to the wild hunter look.(nothing wrong with that if you like that sort of thing) But for the purpose of wearing a refined beard, lets talk strategy. The most common base ingredient is beeswax, which provides your hair with a robust and natural hold that can be molded in any way you please. For men with thick and frizzy hair, the wax works wonders.
It’s an ideal product for men with long beards, since the more hair you have, the more there is to maintain. If your beard is longer than the length of your chin, you may want to control the use of wax by trial and error to see what amount works to keep the tips of your beard in check. The Woodworkers Collection Beard Wax

Wax On, Wax Off... 

Daily Care for Manly Men

I don't have a beard so I can't speak from personal experience, but I can tell you a beard behaves a lot like your head of hair. Armed with firsthand knowledge from my husband and those I have interviewed, I've put together a good routine for facial hair care and grooming.

Washing your facial hair daily is healthy. There will be oil build up near the follicles. Along with environmental pollutions, there is the frequently touching your face which adds bacteria to your facial hair, the residue left behind from food and drink. 

Make sure you keep the skin under your stubble as clean as possible while your beard grows. A good scrub with one of our Cup-A-Josephine Soap Bars keeps your skin clean and exfoliated, so your beard has a great foundation on which to grow. Coffee soaps are known for their scrub and perk up aspect due to the caffeine in the soap. We have an exceptionally well-crafted Men's soap debuting soon to add to your beard grooming arsenal.

beard care mens grooming skin care mens beauty manscaping

After you wash with your favorite soap, massage some conditioner into your beard, and let it sit for 5 minutes, then, rinse your beard, and pat it dry. Once it’s partially dried, I recommend a boar brush which helps stimulate your hair’s natural oils, keeping your hair looking shiny and healthy. A well-moisturized mustache and beard pull together that refined look, balances skin under the hairline as well as promotes robust hair growth.

If you have that perfect someone who would adore a gift set or if that person is you here is the perfect :)

'Stache N Beard Gift Set By The Woodworkers Collection

Beard care mustache and beard grooming manscaping mens facial hair mens skincare blog






  • Just got my order of Earthy Alchemist’s Woodworker Beard oil, and I am in love with it. It smells very intreging,masculine, and leaves my beard moisturized for a long time. Also, the pack and packaging was very neat and professional; it made me feel like I received a package from a loved one (family) . Would definitely recommend Earthy Alchemist to anyone that’s ask for natural handmade beard oil and other products :)

    Zach McFarland
  • My beard is my best feature and I am glad other people see it too. I am happy to see there are so many more options now than there used to be. Thank you for bringing attention to us beard wearers ;)

  • I am intrigued by this post. Loved reading about a different view. Thanks for sharing this.

  • I am so glad I came across this article. Bearded men have been getting a bad rap for many years and I am so glad to see they are the norm and that there is a line of product that walks the fine line between rugged countryman and city slicker. Because my dad and boyfriend are both in that middle ground area….

  • I am an artist and sculptor not much of a reader but needed some help with my beard. It’s wild and unruly. felt this article gave me the know-how and also describes me perfectly. I am in between the rugged male and the stylish one.


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