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Nurture Your Sole

To Walk or to Run

To walk to run.... Healthy feet are a gift. Just ask someone who doesn't have healthy feet. Very much an understated part of the body, feet are often overlooked. The truth is we don't focus on them unless they are hurting from being jammed in some high heeled stilettos or for that summer pedicure before the beach trip. I prefer giving myself an at-home pedicure just to relax in between trips to the salon. I like to maintain my "tootsies" as my toddler calls it.


Power Steppin

Nurture Your Sole Blog post - Earthyalchemist


The truth is your feet can not only make or break your fashion statement they can also make or break your emotional stability. How you ask? Well, I am glad you did. Let me tell you. If you've ever sported those cute red bottoms and clicked across the marble floors for hours as I have and after six-plus hours on your feet working retail and on the casino floor - the pain you feel is excruciating.
Whether you wear steel-toed boots in a warehouse or at the restaurant, your fee will still feel some of the effects of the day. It may not hit you till you slip out of those stylish stilettos at the end of the day, but you will feel it. No matter what your line of work even the most comfortable shoes become uncomfortable. Youth is a beautiful thing. We bounce back faster, and we handle far more in the name of fashion. It feels like both the thresholds significantly drop as we grow older from when we were younger. The padding under our feet lessen as we grow older, skin becomes thinner and reduced elasticity of your skin affects its overall health and it's stamina to remain pain free. Caring for your feet routinely should be a priority at any age but especially as we age.

Why Give yourself a Pedi?

Moisture. If you’re not prone to moisturize your feet daily, a pedicure is an important source of moisture. Moisturizing your feet prevents cracks from forming and causing infections and generally eliminates turning into an eyesore.
Calluses. The extra moisture also helps to remove and prevent calluses. A callus is the body’s way of protecting itself from damage. Areas of friction will defend itself from forming calluses, but with repeated untreated friction, the skin can break down and lead to sores and infection. The progression of this can happen in days if not a few hours depending on how active your feet are daily.
Circulation. Warm water and regular massaging promote circulation. Your feet are your extremities. Which mean blood circulation can be limited or compromised depending on your sedentary lifestyle. Focusing on massaging your feet frequently with the foot cream serves a dual purpose.

Step By Step


  • Start with clean, polish-free nails.
  • Fill a basin (or your bathtub) with warm water and add The Pedi Spa Foot Soak. This soak is made with coconut milk eucalyptus spearmint and a blend of power-packed botanicals.
  • Dip your feet into the water and let them soak for a good 5-8 minutes or more. While you relax, peruse Facebook, make a phone call or text a friend. The milk and herb soak will naturally soften your calluses while working on relaxing your achy feet.
  • Remove your feet from the soak pat it dry so they are not dripping.
  • While they’re still slightly wet use, The Pedi Spa Foot Scrub to slough away dead skin cells, exfoliating to improve blood circulation while applying pressure to massage the pressure points. Grab a good file to file away calluses and smooth rough skin.
  • Once you have washed off the scrub and patted your feet dry grab The Pedi Spa PURE Foot Oil and apply it to your moist and well-pedicured feet starting from the soles to the toes and tops and you can take as much time as you need here. The more, the better. 


Happy Feet, Happy Life

Nurture Your Sole Blog post - Earthyalchemist

If your feet are happy so are you. If soft as baby's feet is our goal, then a solid routine for your feet is a must. Regular foot care with all natural carefully curated products not only help keep feet looking pretty, but they also keep calluses controlled and skin moisturized. To add to this - a foot massage helps to relieve tension aches and pains and stimulate circulation and regenerates healing. Treat yourself to a salon or spa pedicure by pampering your feet at home use The Pedi Spa TRIO Gift Set which includes all three power-packed foot care items. The Foot SOAK, SCRUB, and PURE the foot hydrating oil.


Pamper you feet the how to guide to natural and healthy foot care - earthyalchemist

It may seem like a very small thing. It is easy to put aside, postpone and overlook. Let me remind you that caring for your feet but it really is far more important.

PURE Foot Oil by The Pedi Collection- Earthyalchemist    

SOAK Foot soak The Pedi Collection. Nurture Your Sole Blog post - Earthyalchemist  


SCRUB The pedi Collection. Nurture Your Sole Blog post - Earthyalchemist

There are many of us who don't like going to the salon for a host of good reasons. Like not wanting to use the foot spa others have used, concerns for hygiene, cost efficiency, lack of time, and also health risks like diabetes makes ones prone to skin infections from even minor cuts and bruises. This is why Earthyalchemist Pedi Spa Collection was specially formulated to meet the demands of those in different walks of life. This well packaged set makes an awesome gift for any occasion.

Check out more of what we have to offer HERE


  • I love reading your blogs! This was so necessary, I am terrible with caring for my feet. I am always so busy its the last thing on my mind. I am so going to try doing this at home. I cant wait for you to start shipping to Gremany Sumam, I am eagerly waiting and so are my friends! ;)

  • I needed to read this! I spend so much time on my feet as a nurse and it completely blows my mind there aren’t more people bringing attention to aching feet. I just ordered your set of all three the scrub soak and foot lotion. I can’t wait to work it

    karen Gold
  • Another great one. Love reading these.

  • I was just looking for an easy and simple solution for my hurting paws! Love that this article popped up. Great points.


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