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For the Love of Soaps



Scrubbing Away Stress

I am always looking for ways to unwind or at least daydreaming about them. When I am running my 100th errand or chasing a runaway toddler, arguing about the merits of internet safety with my tween, I am imagining laying around on a beach somewhere far far away sipping a Mai Tai. No this doesn’t make me a bad mom just a tired one looking for a break. How about you? Have you had your moments of “get me outta here”? On a conference call or office meeting, how about right in the middle of that checkout line? Are those lapses becoming more and more frequent lately? Well, there’s your sign.

Follow The Sign 

You’re in need of a getting back to basics moment. You know that time eons ago when you were just left to find something fun to do, and you picked a bottle of something amazing and decided to soak in it? No deadlines, no kids trying to break the bathroom door down or husband asking if you’d paid the cable bill… Just you and your peace of mind. You want that back.Yeah, me too. The lost days of my lapsed youth.



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You are years older,  and a lot wiser. If you are like me, then a few pounds heavier too and those moments of nothing to do and nowhere to go are long gone. But you do have a little more in your pocket than you used to even if you don’t have as much time. And you still know how to have a good time even if it is short and fleeting and involves essential actions like bathing and hydrating. 

Here is where things get fun. We have a comprehensive line of soaps, scrubs and soaks formulated with you in mind. Specially formulated to give maximum luxury in a short time for a  life in motion. That’s you.

Let’s Talk Soaps 

We have used only the best ingredients to build a creatively curated line of soaps made with natural and naturally derived ingredients like earthy clays, milks, creams, herbs, organically grown fruit and vegetable purees, botanicals and honey.skin care soaps and stuff blog

Set the Mood, Soap Style

Each soap bar is unique with its unique personality and characteristics much like people. Hence they are named after women. Take for example
Amanda, she is a citrus-scented beauty with a  hint of fresh spice. Her unique designer blend of fragrance from essential oils and the dried orange slice and whole anise make her stand out in this crisp Fall season. Imagine a colorful and bubbly personality that embraces life at the moment. That's Amanda. It's a unique evening, and you are looking for something special to celebrate bath time with, Mystic Sun is exactly the soap for you. She is made with calendula infused avocado coconut and pumpkin seed oils with power-packed Moroccan Red clay and therapeutic grade sweet basil, myrrh and hints of ylang-ylang essential oils. A sensual woman in a classic and timeless dress ready to take the night by storm.skin care blog

If you are looking for a gentle and creamy bar of light and bright yellow goodness look no further than Autumn, she resembles the turn of fall leaves. The golden yellow hues and the fresh, crisp air is what the fall season is known for. This soap replicates the spirit of the season perfectly. Lemon and vanilla scented mild and hydrating. Autumn is an excellent companion with a casual and conversational style that puts anyone at ease with her wit and charm. After a long tiring day, you need a pure, gentle soap like BellaShe is a pure goat's Milk soap with Rhassoul clay scented with patchouli essential oil. A pick me up soap bar with soft and dense creamy lather that leaves your skin supple and clean. Simple and dependable, that's Bella. Each soap has its own dimension and whoever you are at the moment is who you'd pick for your bath.

No matter what your mood and what your situation, there is a bar of soap in our collection for you.

Do you want to feel pampered with royal richness and luxury then try out all natural Cleopatra. She, true to her name is made with nutrient-rich goats milk, locally sourced honey, colloidal oatmeal scented with honey. Are you feeling a little stripped down in your emotional defenses? Do you need a boost in vitality and back to basics simple something special? Then our signature soap,  Tulasi is the one for you. She is a simple soap infused with holy basil and scented with the pure essence of vanilla sugar and coconut rum. This heady tropical scent mixed with the earthy goodness and the amazingly strong herbal benefits of (holy basil) Tulasi - this beautiful speckled bar of soap will hold you mesmerized with its delicacy and subtlety.


While we are talking soaps, let's talk care. Soap bars last longer if they are appropriately stored between uses. Ever leave your soap in the shower then come back only to find that beautiful bar of soap having dwindled to a slimy pile of mush? Well not anymore. Grab yourself a Soap Sentinel an ergonomically designed soap dish that allows moisture to drain from the bar between uses prolonging the life and health of the bar. A poorly stored soap can dissolve faster and stagnate in bacteria riddled shower water. Who wants that! Germs are never sexy! Grab yourself a colorful red blue or understated bare or stained soap sentinel to store your soaps. You will find them in our BATH collection.soap dish soap and skin care blog



Behind the Bath

When we reach for our bar of soap or that special cream and scrub we are rarely reaching for it because of what is IN it. We are reaching for what is in it for us. Here at the Earthyalchemist, we understand that the experience far outlasts the shower or bath and that is what we are counting on. So grab that bar of soap with a pretty name and make her your tour guide to a lathering and rich bathing experience. There are no wrong choices when it comes to adding luxury to bath time no matter what your mood.





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  • Excellent blog. Makes me think.


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