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Style is a Language with No Words

Do You Have a "look"?

Everyone has a look. The question is if your style is deliberate and well curated or is it misleading. This blog will help you make sense of your closet, your comfort level with colors and shapes and the need to be in control of what you wear.

Let's talk personality. A well put together person is someone who is balanced inside and out. A healthy body and skin is one layer, and your closet is another. Over the years I've tried many things, followed the fads, embraced the edgy, but eventually, I settle down with what speaks to me the most. Authenticity. Who I am, I wear. That is the core of who we become what people identify us by. Whether it is subtle sensuality or loud and bubbly carving out our look is almost as important as our character because it speaks without words. If we intend to live an impactful life then who we are and what we appear to be - need to meet and mesh well. Whether it is long hair red nails, bright colors body piercings or a classic look, a well-rounded person wears her personality in all things that touch her skin and accessories. 

It took me years to craft my look. It is no easy task. Especially in a world where everything we see, hear or taste tries to sell us on what they want us to buy and therefore be. 

Finding your true self is well.... a lot like chiseling out a shape from stone or clay. And not all of us are natural born sculptors.

Finding your style takes patience and exposure to colors textures and silhouettes. I've compiled some moods and personality based styling for different facets of the same person. A style is a fluid element as long as you know what inspires you anything goes. Take a peek at a few collections I've come up with HERE.

Style is an intangible essence and has nothing to do with the shape of your body. But your shape is just as important in determining your wardrobe, so I want to dedicate some time to that here.

It's crucial to understand our body types to dress them appropriately. And age, of course, plays a role in what silhouettes we choose for ourselves. Here is where I am different from the mainstream belief that we need to hide our flaws. I don t feel we should. Dressing in the right silhouette and colors will aid in telling our style story with grace and personality. As for our flaws? Well, I say wear them like a badge of honor. Mine come with living a full life I suspect so does yours.

The well-known basic shapes are as follows. 

  • Apple
  • Rectangle
  • Inverted rectangle
  • Hourglass

For an in-depth look at shapes and specifically which one you are. Take this great quiz that www.youbeauty.com has come up with. Here is a link to it HERE

Know Who You Are.

What adjectives would you use to describe your personality? What defines your life? What activities do you participate in daily that crafts most of what you fill your closet with? Is it workwear, workout wear, mom jeans? Trust me I've evolved my style from a variety of these.

Your Favorite Color is _________?

Colors have a huge sway over moods as we all know but also what's in your closet is very telling of who you are. Sometimes we subconsciously gravitate towards a safe color. For me it's black. When I am overwhelmed window shopping for the right outfit my sign of giving up always grabbing a black something. It is not until I organized my closet a few years back that I realized I was doing that. Let's just say since then my closet has gone through an overhaul. If you don't want to jump in with both feet spicing up your closet do what I did. I grabbed a few colorful accessories to introduce colors safely while also exploring scarves shawls belts hats. It is also more cost-effective than throwing out an entire closet and going broke buying in bulk. I personally began slowly. Grabbing unique and discerning pieces that speak to my personality.


Yes, Size Does Matter

I cannot stress this enough; please be mindful of sizing. A snug fit isn't everyone's friend. Sometimes an outfit looks great on a hanger but hangs badly on us. This is where the body shapes come into play. Remember that models in magazines are heavily styled before a shoot. Even the ones that go for the natural and casual look get there after hours of styling and an entourage of people. What you see in magazines or in the movies should never be the yardstick to measure your own beauty by. 

Build your wardrobe one piece at a time. Mix and match your pieces to build your look and be discerning with what you grab to represent you. Accessories are an easy investment and a great place to start evolving your style to fit your personality. In your journey of discovery, you may find more about yourself than you imagined you did.


 Credits: www.youbeauty.com Style quiz

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