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Your Guide To Holiday Shopping

The Controversy of Christmas

I won't argue with you the moral clauses of gift giving this holiday season. The argument exists that we should all embrace the "reason for the season." Many will suggest we lose purpose when we have swayed away with gifts and merriment. Or that we lack a humble heart and gratefulness because we like to pile gifts for our children and loved ones under a tree. I disagree. The season is what it needs to be for each of us. You can be humble, kind and pious and still grab a few goodies to stuff your stockings. You cant hand out a holiday tradition and pick apart what people do with it. So whatever your proclivities, lets set them aside for this blog. Shall we? 


Jingle Bells and Holiday Cheer

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The holiday season brings out the best and the worst in people. Every year thousands of people storm their malls and department stores looking for the best deals. Fighting angry mobs of desperate shoppers all with the same goal and sometimes the same "item" in mind. Last minute shopping is never fun, and it doesn't have to be a thing at all if you follow my guide.


Roadmap To Winning This Season

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Start scouting early. Look in unconventional places like local shops and craft shows.

Look for exciting and unique gifts that will be useful.

Shopping for kids is tricky.They are wooed with ads on Nickelodeon and Cartoon network, so we are forced a little to play by their rules and fight for the sought after toys. I am not much of a trend follower. I don't like chasing fads on principle, like when the "pie face" toy was all the rage a couple of years ago. I didn't get one. The fidget spinner this spring was something people couldn't live without. It annoyed me. Or the finger monkey which is flying off the shelves this year. ((eye roll)) It is a killer marketing strategy, and it is winning the among the shoppers this season. I admire the strategy, but I won't buy into it.

Shop ONLINE. Over the years shopping online has become smoother in every way. The deep discounts, the variety being offered and the number of online stores have grown exponentially. So have the support features surrounding online shopping. From site security and smooth navigation to shipping options and reliability - the engine that is the internet has embraced customer demand and delivered.

The pros and cons of internet shopping are as follows :


  • You will be able to shop in your jammies and in the comfort of your home at any day any time.
  • You can grab that "doorbuster or early bird special" with a few timely clicks of the keyboard or phone.
  • No coupon clipping and forgetting it at home.
  • No fighting traffic and hunting for parking, unpleasantly long checkout lines with seasonal cashiers stumbling through the process.
  • Here's a big one... You can stick to a budget; you won't be distracted by some in aisle buy that wasn't on your list or your budget.
  • You can ship items directly to your intended ( gift wrapping is an additional feature offered by many stores including Amazon) instead of having to bring it home, package it yourself and make a trip to the post office. After all, time is money. YOUR money.


  • You can't touch the item you are getting.
  • You can't try on the shoes or skirt.
  • You can approximate the color and fit of what you see but can't be honestly sure of it till you buy it.
  • Missing in-store specials that aren't available online.
  • Online shopping involves pre-planning and shopping early. However, you can go to your local target and grab something the day before you need it.


In my opinion, the Pros of shopping online far outweigh the cons.

You won't be missing a turkey dinner to do some holiday shopping or wait out in the parking lot of a Toys R Us or a Walmart at 4 am to hit the doorbuster specials on Black Friday. You can simply go to their sites and grab your items and either have it shipped to you or set it up for pick up at the store. Times are changing while I embrace simplicity, I also accept the ways in which life becomes easier and more fluid. If only we allow it.


We have a rather enticing assortment of goodies to pick from on Earthyalchemist.

So go shopping online now and start your  Black Friday early so you can enjoy your turkey dinner and enjoy leftovers and some family time on Friday while others pick at slim pickins in the stores. Shhhhh I won't tell if you won't.








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  • Wow! What a great perspective. yes, its true I am always behind on my Christmas shopping and hate crowds so online is definitely the best option for me. Been doing it for years but the pros and cons you mention here are very telling.

    Maren Bowe

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