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Cool-Glo Body Shimmer

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Ever wonder how models achieve that "dewy" look? How to enliven smooth skin and give it that extra Oomph? Grab our silver or gold shimmer for your glow.

Vegan *   Paraben-Free *   Phthalate-Free *  Gluten-Free

Wgt 2.0 | 56.6g | Each

$10.00 Each Pick your poison from the drop-down menu.

Fragrance: Custom Blended fragrances\

Rose´ Light glowing Pink Glitter custom blended scent with tones of rose and Sandalwood.

Violet Veil cool Lavender Glitter custom blended scent of rich lavender and sweet basil herbs.


  • Highlights skin 
  • Moisturises and perfumes with natural oils
  • Use more for dramatic effect or less for a subtle dew

Application:  Shake well before use. Apply to clean skin wherever you want a light glow. For dramatic effect use more, for a soft dewy glow use light strokes and small amounts. For the sun-kissed look: Apply to collarbones, chest, cheekbones, legs, and arms for a beachy summer glow.

Caution: Patch test for allergies before use. Do not ingest or inhale this product. If it comes in contact with your eyes wash immediately with cool water and if the irritation persists seek medical attention. Keep away from children and pets. Not for use on eyelids or lips.