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Jamaican Rose Calming fizz Soak - Earthyalchemist Soaps N' Scrubs

Jamaican Rose Calming fizz Soak

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**SOLD OUT** This specific blend of rose absolute, rose clay,Himalayan pink salt, black sea salt, epsom and a wide range of tropical scents give your bath a calming effect. This soap has citric acid and baking soda both skin loving and cleansing agents also helps give this soak a fizzing effect (hence the name) This is specifically designed to soothe your skin and scented to induce calm and give you a full night's sleep! So reserve this for a time you wish to fall asleep! Weekends and nights are best for this soak!


Use : 

Add two to three heaped tablespoons of this mix to your water tub water then watch as the dried rose petals float to the top giving your bath water a luxurious spa feel and at the end of your soaking bath you will be refreshed with relaxed muscles and soft skin! What can beat this ?