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Kleanse Facial Mask

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This special blend is a combination of clays and herbs clears skin and leaves it glowing. 

  • Topically soothing and healing the skin
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Eliminates bacterial imbalance
  • Expells toxicity.

  Vegan *   Paraben-Free *   Phthalate-Free *  Gluten-Free

Fragrance: Scented with sage and hints of floral and sweet citrus

Weight: 4 Oz | 113g

Ingredients: Kaolin clay, Bentonite Clay skin safe red Sandalwood powder custom blend of scents

Use: Mix with a small amount of water for normal to combination skin or yogurt for dry and mature skin to form a paste and rub onto face neck and chest with clean fingers or a clean brush. Leave on till it drys not longer and remove by wiping off gently with a warm towel. Then rinse with cold water. Excellent for skin if used once or twice a week. 

Caution: Do not inhale or ingest. Keep away from children and pets. If it should make contact with eyes, flush with cool water and if the irritation persists, seek medical help. Please patch test before use.

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