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Soap Sentinel (mahogany stained) - Earthyalchemist Soaps N' Scrubs

Soap Sentinel (mahogany stained)

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These ergonomic soap dishes are efficient in keeping your soaps draining excessive moisture after use. Moisture lagging in your soap dish can cause numerous problems. From dissolving your soaps faster to making them slimy to touch also allowing bacteria to grow in stagnating water in you regular soap dishes. Have you ever had to clean your soap dish or had an old different colored soap leave remnants that bleed into your new soap? Well not anymore.  Get the Sentinel and never worry about the always wet and slimy soap in your shower or at your kitchen sink.

This one is stained red mahogany for any masculine or rustic and traditional bathroom. Or to give a contemporary kitchen or bath space a pop pf color and contrast.

100% Handcrafted right here in the US by a talented artisan with attention to every detail. Made with natural pine wood and coated multiple times with a water proofed coating giving this soap dish a glistening look of smooth shine and elegance.

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